2858 Lakeshore Road East Oro Medonte L3V3M9   (Lake Simcoe )

I am able to use all my senses to give you a comprehensive reading.

CLAIRVOYANT:                 I can clearly see future events
CLAIRAUDIENCE:            I have the ability to hear spoken word from Spirit
CLAIRSENTIENCE:          I have the  the ability to feel / touch
CLAIRALIENCE:                I have the sense of smell
CLAIRCOGNIZANCE:      I have a knowing
CLAIRGUSTANCE:            I have a sense of taste
EMPATHY:                            I share feelings to some extent that another is experiencing

As A MEDIUM:                    I  give messages from loved ones who have passed over.
PSYCHOMETRY:                I have the ability to read energies from objects or pictures

My gift as a Clairvoyant allows me to see future events 

I have been doing readings for 35 years using my intuition, psychic skills and mediumship abilities to deliver a clear readings
From early childhood, I always had an inner guidance, a knowing about people & events.  I have allowed this ability to guide my life.
In 1977 – Spirit’s presence became much stronger, I was relaxed and holding a key and suddenly I felt the key turning to what felt like melting butter, this caused the key to distort out of shape.  To say I was shocked is putting it mildly.  That’s when I knew there was more, what it was I didn’t know. This was the turning point in my development as a Psychic Medium.

Spirit now contacts me through  my 6 senses and allows me to see app 5 years into your future.

The courses below have helped me to further develop
I have attended music  Meditation/ Breath Works sessions during the past 19 years. This therapeutic process has helped complete my inner healing and further develop my psychic and healing abilities.

I am certified Canadian Breath works Facilitator, a NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master and an EMF Balancing Practitioner.

I attended a course in Advance Mediumship taught by Simon James of British Columbia a graduate of the Arthur Findlay College in England.

I have my Certified Healing Mastery Levels 1 & 2 taught by Tom Cratsley, in Lily Dale N.Y.  this allows me to do healing in the temple at Lily Dale N.Y.

I have taken the following courses at Lily Dale N. Y.:

Spiritual Development and Mediumship Experiences with Patricia Price,

Spiritual Insight with Elaine Thomas and Don Scott,

To Touch the Soul with Judith Rochester,

Messages From the Other Side, including Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides taught by Joseph Tittel.

During your reading I can provide guidance and direction on your current  Career Path, Relationship, Health , Finances and Family.

Please call or email me to book appointments.    Ph.     705-329-3521 ,            e-mail –

Available for house parties minimum 6 people

I also do Readings from my home in Oro Medonte  Lake Simcoe

I have over 35 years experience as a Psychic Medium /Intuitive Energy Worker

I am a Psychic Medium touring Ontario with Vision Quest Psychic Fairs and First Star Enterprises.          Our Fair Schedules: for 2017

Kitchner Ont. Location:   Reinaissance Center       Jan 8-9-10

London Ont. Location:     Centennial Hall               Jan 15-16-17

Guelph Ont.          Royal  Canadian Legion               Jan 29-30-31

St. Catherine’s        Holiday Inn 327 Ontario St.       Feb 5-6-7

Newmarket , Ont   Optimist Club                               Feb 26-27-28

Belleville Ont.                                                                  April 1-2-3           

Toronto Exhibition Place                                              April 7-8-9

Kitchener Ont. Bingemans  Center                                Sept 2-3-4-5

London Ont. Location Centennial Hall                      Sept 30-Oct 1-2

Toronto International Center                                       Oct 28-29-30

Peterborough Ont Evinrude Center                             Nov 11-12-13

To Book a Reading: at the Shows please email or call me.
Visit our contact page, or alternatively, you can book online here:

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